Copyright & Confidentiality

a. To avoid giving information harmful to the safety of wildlife, all details of illegal activities and tiger/sambar/gaur/pangolin/serow or other threatened species detected during the program must remain confidential. This information, which includes photographs of animals or signs, locations, descriptions etc., cannot be disseminated to the public via weblogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other channels as divulging these to other parties may jeopardize investigations or the safety of wildlife.

b. Publications that will reach out to a wider audience (e.g. in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online media, zoo weblogs, etc.) must first be submitted to MYCAT for a quick fact check. Personal postings are exempted.

c. The participants may use other information collected during the program (e.g. photographs of animal signs, birds, scenic spots, etc.) freely for personal use. In cases where there is doubt, the participants should check with MYCAT.

d. The participants understand that this is not a wildlife safari but an anti-poaching program and there is no guarantee of encountering wildlife in the rainforest.

Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement

In consideration of my participation in this program, I fully understand, acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. That this program involves physical exertion and other risks, known and unknown and may result in injury or death;

2. That my physical and mental condition is good and adequate to enable safe participation in this program;

3. That it is my duty and responsibility to follow all safety rules and procedures as instructed by MYCAT personnel;

4. That the safety of myself and my possessions is my responsibility;

5. That I authorize MYCAT personnel to perform and administer first aid medical treatment as deemed necessary and to seek more specialized medical attention at hospitals and health care institutions if deemed necessary;

6. That I authorize MYCAT to disclose or make available my personal details to relevant government agencies and program donors whenever necessary; and

7. That I have read and understand the other terms and conditions on this form. In taking part in this program, I hereby release and discharge the MYCAT NGO partners* and Secretariat’s Office from any action, covenants, claims and demands for damages, costs, losses or injuries, however arising, including negligence of the organizer, which may have been sustained by the undersigned in any way relating to or arising out of participating in the program. I, the undersigned, agree to assume any and all risks incurred.